How to convert PDF to doc and doc to PDF?

What is PDF file?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format created using the programs like Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture and some other similar application. PDF files are especially useful for documents such as magazine articles, product brochures, or flyers in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. A PDF file contains one or more-page images, each of which you can zoom in on or out from. You can page forward and backward.

What is Doc file?

DOC is a document file format used by Microsoft Word, also used with most word processing software, including OpenOffice. DOC stands for Document file. A DOC file can contain formatted text, images, tables, graphs, charts, page formatting, and print settings. With each version of Microsoft Word, the standards for the DOC format change slightly which can cause some compatibility issues.

How to open PDF file?

PDF files can be opened using the applications like:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome etc.
  3. Third-party PDF viewer application

How to open Doc file?

Doc files can be opened using the applications like:

  1. Microsoft Word.
  2. Apache Open Office.
  3. LibreOffice.
  4. Word pad
  5. Third-party DOC viewer application

Converting PDF to DOC:

Here are the simple steps to convert the PDF file to DOC:

  1. Open PDF file.
  2. Select the option convert to Doc.
  3. It will prompt to sign in. Please sign in.
  4. Convert the PDF file to DOC.

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Converting DOC to PDF:

Follow simple steps to convert DOC file to a PDF file:

  1. Open DOC file, click on Save As.
  2. In the drop down, select PDF option.
  3. Save the file with the desired name.

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