How to Delete Duplicate Files

Symptoms of duplicate file accumulations

The most common symptom of duplicate file accumulations is low percentage of free disk space remaining. Unlike plain temporary files or other regular junk files, duplicate files will take up more space, as each of them weighs the same as the original file. In the case of duplicate movie copies that weight can be several gigabytes for each file. When free space on a drive gets to a critically low level, you may experience errors, such as failed software downloads or installs, file copying errors, virtual memory errors and similar. Some symptoms of an almost full hard drive may not be attributed to it right away, such as longer antivirus scans or disk defrags, which happens because antivirus programs and defragmenters have to process more data, a lot of it being file duplicates. Another symptom may be a certain level of fragmentation that cannot be reduced by defragmenting, because there is no consecutive free space large enough to place the defragmented files.

Ways to remove file duplicates from a PC

Even advanced PC users will have difficulty locating file duplicates, especially if they have different names. There is always a risk that a file that has the same name, but is not a duplicate, may get deleted in a cleaning spree that will result in various problems later on. This is why using special software to locate and delete duplicate files is the only sure way to avoid problems, such as important files getting falsely identified as duplicates and removed leading to data loss. Download duplicate file removal tool here.

Safe way to remove file duplicates from a PC:

  1. Download duplicate file removal tool
  2. Install and launch the application
  3. Click the Scan Now button to detect duplicate files and other issues
  4. Click the Repair Now button to clean up PC

The same application can be used to run preventative scans to keep duplicate files from accumulating.

Easy to Download and Install:

It is very easy to download and install the ScanUtilities in your computer. Here we are providing the step by step procedure of the same for your convenience.

Step 1: Click here to download the Repair Tool.

Step 2: We are in the online market since the past 7 years. After several years research, this software has developed. Since it is recent development with advanced Technology, Microsoft needs end user feedback. Hence you may get Windows protected your PC smart screen. You are advised to click on More Info and select Run Anyway.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the application, you can uninstall it anytime from your computer.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Windows protected your pc.jpg

Please click on More Info and select the option Run Anyway.

C:\Users\Canous\Desktop\Screenshot\Windows protected your pc2.jpg

Step 3: Proceed with the on screen instructions and install the application.

Step 4: An automatic File Cleaner scan will initiate and it will identify the unwanted files available in the computer and suggest to remove. After the Scan, you can select the option to fix the errors.

Step 5: You can also perform the Registry scan by clicking on the Registry option and then Fix the errors detected in the scan.

Step 6: From Tools option, you can access hidden Windows tools to optimize your computer, Duplicate Finder that removes duplicate files to increase the disk space, Manage Startup items to boot your computer quickly.